Gorgo queen scene sex

The scene between King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo is a beautiful depiction of a husband and wife making love for the final time before he heads off into an unwinnable battle. But this ignores the fact that Spartan society considered leaving a battle or surviving in defeat a sign of total cowardice and moral worthlessness. Language and Sexual Content: On the contrary, Leonidas looks to her, both literally and figuratively, for both strength and confirmation that he is doing the right thing. This may well have been how contemporary Greeks viewed the conflict, so on that level, the film may have gotten something right. Xenophon tells us that Spartan men routinely shared wives under a variety of circumstances, such as when an older man shared his wife with a younger man, for the purposes of keeping the wife pregnant. Themistocles learns that Leonidas and the have been killed by Xerxes and returns to Athens to confront Ephialtes, the deformed Spartan traitor, who reveals that Xerxes plans to attack Athens, and is regretful of his actions, welcoming death. Boys were encouraged to fight each other, and part of their coming of age ritual involved being beaten so brutally at the altar of Artemis that some of them died. Artemisia continually walks the razor line between plot artefact and actual character and Green never once puts a foot wrong or safe.

Gorgo queen scene sex

Everything in Spartan society was subjugated to the goal of producing great soldiers. Because he was unable to weaken her resolve through objectification, he was forced to resort to physical violence. The scene is raw and uncomfortable, and strikes at the very core of how we expect women to act and feel when sex is forced on them. After the Spartans depart, Gorgo works unsuccessfully to persuade the Gerousia to send reinforcements to Leonidas. She is shown to sacrifice a lot for her beloved Leonidas, as she allows Theron to make love to her, though she hates him very dearly. But this is an incredibly narrow perspective on female strength. She is proud of Sparta, and intends to keep it secure and isolated from other powers, such as the Persians and the Athenians. Like other hoplites, Spartans wore a full panoply of armor, which typically included shin greaves, a breast-plate, and helmet, as well as spear and sword. Probably because male genitals are still largely taboo in America cinema, or perhaps because it would create too much homoeroticism for the fan-boy audience to be comfortable with. March 16, By Purtek TheHathorLegacy may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. The end result is the depiction of an exquisitely beautiful society from which both men and women can find something to emulate and strive for. Hell yeah, says I. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. To the contrary, she makes a conscious decision to offer up her body in service to her country, like the warriors holding off the Persian army, in exchange for an opportunity to use her voice to sway the council and save Sparta. He is the only survivor of a battle famous precisely for its lack of survivors and the narrator of the film. Spartans considered the physically deformed unworthy of survival. In the film , Queen Gorgo wears a dress with white cleavage, but when she goes to the council, her dress is brown for the rest of the movie. But the women are the most important characters, even if the first movie in particular never actively acknowledges that. The one downside to the top of the food chain is you tend to be up there alone. Various practices were designed to produce boys who were tough, disinterested in luxury, ambitious, and clever. They were allowed only minimal clothing and had to sleep on piles of river-rushes. Rise of an Empire , her dress was white cleavage again. Because they had so much influence over property and households, they apparently exercised some degree of political influence within Sparta, a truly remarkable arrangement in a Greek world that generally saw public society as the province of men. His Sparta and Lakonia: And for the first time, we can see fear ripple through her solid exterior.

Gorgo queen scene sex

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  1. On the contrary, Leonidas looks to her, both literally and figuratively, for both strength and confirmation that he is doing the right thing. The sex scene between the two, instigated entirely by Artemisia, is a perfect example of this.

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