Her first anal sex 3

You will take all the precautions needed for her experience to be safe and as comfortable as possible. Engage in anal play before anal sex: First, press the opening of her anus with your finger, then with your palm up aiming to her front wall, insert only one knuckle in, and stop to let the anus expand and make more room for your finger. You should give her anal stimulation with one finger at a time, start with your smallest finger and work your way up to the middle finger; let her get used to the sensation. Ask her how she feels, and help her get cleaned up! Doggy style and elevated missionary are the best options. One way to ensure that this happens is to keep communicating with your partner. Finish it up the proper way When it comes to anal sex, your orgasm is not always the big finale. Once inside, do not thrust her too hard or too fast because you can hurt her, causing her pain and even maybe some tears outside and inside her anus.

Her first anal sex 3

You will be extremely careful, slow, and gentle to not hurt her. Don't screw it up! So make sure you get all the information you need. You must understand that this is not an easy process for her. A little bit of discomfort is felt at the beginning while your penis is passing through the first sphincter, but after that, it should not be that painful, maybe some discomfort but not painful. Besides communication before engaging in anal sex, communication during the sexual act is also required. No matter how aroused you are, if she says slow down, do it; if she says it hurts or stop Engaging in anal play before attempting anal sex, will let her gradually get used to the new sensations around and inside her anus. You should give her anal stimulation with one finger at a time, start with your smallest finger and work your way up to the middle finger; let her get used to the sensation. Stop, and try anal play some other time. Also, her tension will significantly decrease the first time s by knowing that you are just gradually playing a little bit, and there will be not full penetration with your penis yet. Use small anal sex toys to start getting her used to anal penetration with something smaller than your penis. She will be able to start enjoying the pleasure of anal sex and start liking it, increasing her curiosity and anticipation for anal sex. Anal sex toys will let her discover the new world of sensations that anal play can offer. Give her enough information to ease any concern she may have. Vaginal sex refers to sex where the penis goes into the vagina, and anal sex refers to when the penis enters the anus. Start with your smallest finger and work your way up to your middle finger. You may like it when your partner touches you in a particular area, you may find you prefer it slow, or fast Get her to relax! Let her enjoy the sensation and discover the pleasure of anal sex, and stop for that time. Be patient, smart, and responsible, give her time and learn all you can about anal sex. This is how to get anal sex the proper way! If it hurts, stop and try some other time. If you take your time, she will not only be willing to try, but she may end up liking it even more than you! If you manage to give her an orgasm by anal stimulation, it will be even better! Well, if you want to try anal sex with your woman, but it is her first anal sex time, or she had a bad experience before, you must know how to introduce her to anal sex properly to get her to like it. Follow the same process described above.

Her first anal sex 3

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  1. Kiss, caress, massage, lick Get informed Either you have tried anal sex before or not, getting informed first about the proper way to perform this sexual activity, it's a must!

  2. Basically, she must be trusting you all the time while you take charge; therefore, you must be very well informed of what you're doing to not end up hurting your woman. Other things may feel amazing and you may want your partner to continue doing those things!

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