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The Washington County  Horse Program is a year round program that incorporates on-the-horse and off-the-horse education.  4-H is all bout raising kids, not horses.  The horse project allows us to teach youth about responsibility, animal care, team work, training and teaching skills, nutrition, communication and so much more!

In our 4-H Horse Program we encourage participation in a wide range of events. Along with our shows (which are covered below) we hold Public Speaking Demonstrations, Portfolios Workshops (record books), Horse Bowl (quiz game), family trail-rides, service projects, and fun leadership games.

General Activity Schedule (vary from year to year)
Spring (Feb-April)
Various Clinics
First Horse Show
Summer (May-Aug)
Horse Bowl
County Contests (Demos)
Regional Contests
State Contests
County Horse Shows
Family camp
Regional Horse Show
Fall (Sept-October)
State Horse Show
Trail Ride
Portfolio–4-H Record book
Awards Night
Halloween Costume Party
Winter (Nov-Jan)
Holiday Season
Some practice
FundraisersHorse Shows

Horse Shows

 At each show, participants will take a written test and compete in three events.

Pleasure Shows (judged events)
(Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, Western Equitation)
Each rider is given one of the following ribbons
under the discretion of the judge:

- Blue, Red, White, Orange (DQ)
Note: The judge is not required to give a % of
any of one or another ribbon type.
Speed Shows
(Barrels, Poles, Gymkhana Gig)
Riders are ranked by time. They are then broken
up into three main groups following the natural
break (loosely 25%, 50%, 25%).

Point system:

1 – Orange Ribbon
5 – White Ribbon
10 – Red Ribbon
15 – Blue Ribbon
+5 points for attending the exhibitor meeting.
The top 5 places are given extra (bonus) points
1st + 5 (thus a blue 1st = 20pts)
2nd + 4
3rd + 3
4th + 2
5th + 1

Note: The judge is not required to give a % of
- Blue, Red, White, Orange (DQ)
any of one or another ribbon type.

Horse Program Awards

Year-end Participation Award (Must participate in the following):
  • Three shows - One pleasure, one speed, and the third: your choice of the two
  • Three tests
  • County Contests (Demonstrations)
  • Portfolio
  • Service project (County wide or Club)
  • Fundraiser (County Horse Program - Usually Lions clean-up)
High Point Individual Award (Combined points of the following):
              Top placing individuals             Pts. Possible
  • 2 speed and 2 pleasure shows      45+ each
  • 4 tests (from the four top shoes)    15+ each
  • County Contest (Demonstrations) 100
  • Portfolio                                                100
*Must have participated in at least one service project
Note: If you do not participate in the fundraiser you will not receive the prize, only a certificate indicating you placing.

Special Certificates:

  • Top Test
  • Top Pleasure
  • Top Speed

Club Nominated Awards:

  • Most Improved Member – those members who have shown considerable growth in developing new skills.
  • Sportsmanship – those youth who cheer and support their fellow 4-Hers. Those who go out of their way to make others feel good and build their self confidence. They are interested in the welfare of others more than what they are ranked.

Mentor Awards:

  • Excellence in Mentoring – those youth who take time to “pass-on” skills they have learned. Focus on teaching others rather that focus on themselves and their current points.

Test questions will be taken from the Horse Horsemanship (HH),  Horse Science (HS) & Horsemanship Contest Rule Book.

Juniors – questions taken from Horse and Horsemanship (HH) (90%) and the rule book (10%).
Intermediates – questions taken from HH (approx. 60%), Horse Science (HS) (30%), and the rule book (10%).
Seniors – questions taken from HH (approx. 30%), Horse Science (HS) (60%), and the rule book (10%).

For more information, please look at out Horse Guide.