Sex clubs in lagos

It was also gathered that top businessmen and politicians catch fun, but they choose to do that in hangouts that operate strictly by membership. Strip clubs are beginning to multiply in Lagos, following a revocation of the law by the Lagos state government which initially did not allow the business to operate. And patrons, mostly men in their 30s and 40s root for more action. A glance at the inside of the club and it would be evident that the interior decorators put a lot of efforts into the thought process that bore the design. Most clubs prefer to have young and attractive ladies to act as their PRO because it is easier for them to recruit strippers and also increase patronage. One of the girls, Chi claims poverty drove her into her choice of profession; that she was an undergraduate in one of the universities in Lagos. For a while there was a ban on strip clubs, but that era seem passed, as they have springed up at an alarming rate.

Sex clubs in lagos

One regular patron told our correspondent that this service, costs as much as N12, which will serve as pay for rent and services rendered by the girl. I know no one will believe me, but my desire for women is like a disease. Millennium Koko also has its VIP with clients paying between N5, to N10, for dances which some say are totally out of this world. Any man who denies that this is the most important reason should ask himself whether he would still go there if year-old men were the ones taking off their clothes. Why men patronise strip clubs Ikechukwu, a respondent shared his experience why men patronise strip clubs. This does not, however, cover the cost of drink or the cost of lap dances the client may be treated to. It was later discovered that there were other strip clubs in the area offering similar services at cheaper rates. A lap dance price starts at N1, for lap dances which lasts not more than five to ten minutes. What is wrong with you? Then she struts her breasts and yanks off her underwear. In a style of its own, the club attracts mainly the upper class, who burn too money just to get a peep of the class of girls paraded by the club. A visit to the Cazz bar on Opebi road, Ikeja on a Friday night was an experience always fresh in the mind of the reporters. The club was formerly known as Cassbah, its located not too far from Ocean Blue. The establishment seemed pricey and Saturday PUNCH learnt that it was due to its location and type of clientele it caters for. This strip club parades the largest number of strippers, drawn from renowned university campuses in town, combining the conventional nightclubbing withn stripping which a lot of their clientel relish. In most of the hotels visited, there were no elaborate decorations like in the ones in the highbrow areas. Now, I am able to send money home, have fun and live well. One is likely to meet a regular celebrity at The Cave. In most cases, the girls engage in anal sex in the open. One of the girls, Chi claims poverty drove her into her choice of profession; that she was an undergraduate in one of the universities in Lagos. On a visit, our investigator said he was greeted by female ushers clad in t-shirts and hot pants as well as daunting and well-dressed bouncers who collect a gate fee of N1, To spot one, fun seekers only look out for a neon sign or an electronic advertising sign with flickering lights, usually coloured blue and red with what appears to be the drawing of a naked woman. Men are entertained by young ladies who easily climb the silvery pole seductively. This club, is gradually making its way into many towns and cities in Nigeria, especially in Lagos city and with increasing patronage by different high profile peopleā€¦ Efforts by various governments, especially the Lagos State government to rid towns and cities of these strip clubs have met a brick wall as the operators of such businesses are back with little or no moderation to the usual practice. And for this club, the stage for the strip dance was right in the middle of the bar. During the day, the edifice presents a deserted look; but at night, it transforms to a very busy establishment that requires N1, for admission.

Sex clubs in lagos

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  1. For those interested in gambling, there was an arcade centre for gambling but no one seemed to pay attention to it at the time our correspondent was there. Men usually fantasise about beautiful women; they see beautiful women as the epitome of successful dating.

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