The Maker Movement is a subculture that pushes innovation to the limit; encouraging new and unique applications of technologies. Within the culture there’s a passionate enthusiasm for invention, prototyping, and applying practical skills in new creative ways. Makers want to figure out how to make or do stuff on their own. They have a passion for creating, building, and sharing in a gamut of topics including recipes, gardening, sewing, mechanics and many more.

Utah 4-H joined the Maker Movement in the summer of 2012 with a pilot summer camp and an afterschool program. It was was expanded in 2013 by offering a series of five 4-H Maker camps funded by a “Making the Future” grant from Cognizant. These 4-H Maker experiences were held in both urban and rural counties throughout the state, where 364 youth completed 15 different Maker projects and reported an increase in belonging, confidence, and problem solving ability. Making is gaining traction as a strategy to engage young people in building science abilities. Collectively joining the Maker Movement would accelerate 4-H’s national STEM goals and initiatives while enhancing the abilities of youth as they make innovative breakthroughs.

This is what we’re doing during the school year:

4-H Maker Series 2014-15

This is what we did last summer:

Aggie Adventures Make 4-H 2014

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